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 Update 2

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PostSubject: Update 2   Update 2 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2007 11:18 am

Well, here we are. The next update for Fire Emblem: Days of Darkness(yes, that's the official title). For this update, we will be exploring some more of the characters. Let's start with the othe four unrevealed lords, shall we?
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This is Lord Egil of the country of Vegnume. He is part of the royal family of Vegnume, and is actually the only son of the king and queen. However, he is not set in line to take their place as ruler. I won't say why, but it's an answer you will get fairly early in your adventure. Egil is an archer; he uses a bow to fight(I'm sorry, but that was too funny to pass up). You'll notice that he's a pretty big guy, so it's a safe assumption that his bow won't be some child's play toy.
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Next on the list is Seren. Seren is actually not royalty in the least bit. He's just a common soldier. Sure, he's an amazing tactician, and he's pretty good with his lance, but not a drop of royal blood in him. So how does he become a lord in the game? Perhaps our hero Shadow has something to do with it? And where did those scars come from, anyway?
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The third lord I present is Orion, the sovereign leader of the land of Avires. Although he has a council of advisors, his word is final and absolute. Despite his youth, his is incredibly wise, and the people all respect him for his guidance and leadership. His is also a student of the magic arts, and a very powerful mage. Although he won't be met until later into the game, he is certainly a character you will be glad to accept into your party. Maybe he'll even shed some light on why he's such a young ruler.....
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The final in the game is a girl named Quina. Although she is last, she is certainly not the least. She comes from Allyria tribe deep within the Japhorus Forest. She is a tomboy, and had no problem roughing it when she neesd to. When the chieftan's boss daughter needs to fight, she draws a mighy axe. Quina will also be a latecomer to the group, but she will make up for it quickly. Wonder if you get a tour of the village, too.

Well, that's it for the main heroes of your quest. With this talk of good guys, who are the villains? Maybe we'll see in the next update?
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Update 2
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